Dr. Wilson Park, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Park has dedicated his life to developing a biomechanical construct for an injury-free body. He has experience treating Olympians, professional athletes, and coaches in the most innovative ways to repair and maintain the body. Many of his therapies involve the use of digital gait analysis (the way you move and stand) and piorneering therapies such as light therapy to eliminated or reduce some of the most stubborn injuries ot the foot, knee, lower back, shoulder and neck. Over the last several years, Dr. Park has worked extensively with many prominent Pilates instructors to develop different protocols for athletes and rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement. Also, Dr. Park is Certified in Impulse IQ which is the most technologically advanced adjusting instrument to date.


Licensed Acupuncturist

James Kelly L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. James brings a twenty year background in movement and professional dance training to provide a unique perspective on functional anatomy. He also brings extensive botanical and nutritional knowledge to his formulation of personalized herbal remedies. James treats a wide array of problems and specializes in treating chronic headaches, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, and allergy issues. James is dedicated to the Traditional Chinese philosophy that views the entire human being, body, mind, and spirit, as part of a carefully balanced and harmonious whole.

Phone: (310) 991-1352
E-mail: acuhealth@pacbell.net