We utilize the latest technology and use a 3D foot scanner + 3D printer package for manufacturing custom foot orthotics by 3D printing. With a OLT system, Dr. Park can scan a patient’s feet, fill out a prescription form on a computer screen, verify digital orthotic models with the foot data on a computer, and 3D print the custom foot orthotics. 3D printing is done offsite at a OLT lab and sent back via mail. The orthotics shell length/width, arch shape, shell rigidity, heel cup depth and rear foot posting options are available on the prescription form. This entirely new process of prescribing/manufacturing of custom foot orthotics has transformed the 50+ years conventional manufacturing process into a digital one. Now, a medical practitioner is in fully control of the entire process of creating 3D printed custom foot orthotics. In addition, every manufacturing step is digitally controlled. It will be much easy to accurately make multiple pairs of custom foot orthotics with different prescription for incremental adjustment of a patient’s condition.